Nashville Senior Photographer | Class of 2018 | Shelby


I'm not sure that we could've asked to have been blessed with such gorgeous fall light for Shelby's portrait session. 

Shelby might be one of the kindest women that I've ever met. She's always shining light to any situation, she's thoughtful, respectful, and is always trying to lift others up! If these are things that I can say about this young lady after only having known/chatted with her since late summer, I can only imagine what those around her could say about her as well!

When chatting with Shelby about academics, her words:
"All subjects are interesting, but math and science are my favorites. I’ve taken 4 yeas of architecture and engineering design, a year of chemistry, two years of physics, and I’m taking calculus right now. These subjects allow me to appreciate the naturalistic beauty of how the world works".

A look into Shelby's passions & hobbies:
Shelby has been playing soccer since she was three years old. These days, you can find her playing travel soccer "all day everyday". She shared that she has always, and still does love the sport so much- that passion has never left!
You can also find Shelby enjoying the outdoors, exploring, and sunset chasing (me too girl, me too- sunsets might just be my love language). 

Fun Facts:
Favorite Food | Pei Wei Honey Seared Chicken; "been going at it since '08"
Favorite Drink | "water is the best drink ever"
Favorite Holiday | "All holidays are nice because they're all different/exciting in their own way"
Favorite Season | Fall
Favorite Color | Teal
Favorite Movie | The Lion King--best movie of all time
Dream Vacation | "Everyday is a vacation and an adventure of it's own"


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