Nashville Senior Photographer | Nina + Ty

I had the absolute pleasure of doing a mini styled shoot with two best friends, Nina & Tyler.


Nina is a super sweet rising junior at Ravenwood High School. I had the pleasure of meeting Nina during a fall family mini session & have been so blessed that we clicked so easily. 

Through chatting with Nina about her hobbies & how she spends her time, she expressed that YoungLife is a huge part of her life.  She expressed that her leaders are always there to help her and the girls in her campaigners group are a huge blessing! 

Facts about Nina:
1. Favorite color is: turquoise/green
2. Her favorite music: country
3. Favorite restaurants: Tequeia del Sol &  Yuno Sushi


Ty and Nina have been best friends for 4 years now. They met through mutual friends and instantaneously clicked! Nina couldn't think of anyone better to have as a close friend & share adventures with! 

yler, "Ty", is also a rising junior at Ravenwood High School. In her free time she is usually spending time with her friends/boyfriend or working. She expressed that she enjoys being out & about doing things & that she is hardly ever at home! In the words of Ty "I love being around people, I am most definitely a people person!" I can attest that this is absolutely true! From the moment I started talking with Tyler to the moment I met her in person, she immediately made you feel comfortable to be yourself! 

Tyler also noted that she participates in YoungLife and that her & Nina are a part of the same campaigners group. Summer is her favorite time of year due to the flexibility without school, being able to go to the pool, and shopping!

Facts about Tyler:
1. Favorite Color(s): grey, white, & pale yellow
2. Favorite Music: Country
3. Favorite Food/Restaurant: Candy! ("I'm really picky…") so we'll also say plain pasta ;)

Comments from the girls:

"Ty & I love taking pictures together, so this experience was beyond fun! I was so pumped & excited when Kelli asked me to do this shoot (especially when Ty could do it too). The experience with Kelli was so much fun & easy going. We loved every second of it! Kelli was such a great photographer & so much fun to work with because she made you feel super super comfortable around her!"

HMUA:  Simone Starr
Styling: Blush Boutiques, Cool Springs