Nashville Senior Photographer | Class of 2018 | Maddie


I'm so excited to introduce Maddie, another Class of 2018 Senior!

My Seniors never cease to amaze me each year. I am so blessed to work with some of the kindest young ladies that I ever could've imagined. 

Maddie is one of 4 siblings, and is close to each of them as well as her parents. She would consider herself to be a very determined person and mentioned that her parents would call her very "persistent"! She mentioned briefly that one of her weakest attributes is her inability to make a decision, and lady, I sure can relate on that one! Maddie absolutely loves to help others and considers herself to be a pretty independent person. We also chatted about how she sees herself as super easy going person, which allows her to let negativity just roll right on by! 

I have huge admiration for these women and their academic strengths. Maddie told me that she loves math & likes to think she's good at it ;)
She also mentioned that she loves her Architecture class at her school. Maddie plans to attend Mississippi State University next fall! She is exploring Architecture, Business, or Nutrition in terms of majors (but refer to her comment about her inability to make decisions... haha). Both of her parents attended MSU and her older brother is currently studying there as well--how neat that they will be able to share that special bond with their parents! Maddie grew up going to Starkville with her parents; over the years it has become her, "happy place", as it has a sense of home to her.

A look into Maddie's passions & hobbies
Maddie has cheered for the last eight years of her life. It started in Illinois when she was a part of park district teams and Allstars. Since being in Nashville at Centennial HS, she has been a part of the Varsity Competition team since she was a freshman & a part of the Varsity Football squad since sophomore year. Now, as a Senior, she is the captain of her Varsity Football team! She expressed that being the captain of a team of 28 has been a good (yet at times stressful) experience & has taught her a lot about being a leader & a little about self control ;)
She loves to go shopping, especially at Lululemon.
"I'm 100% addicted to that store, & really think I should work there one day because I know so much about it and love the products that much!"
Maddie also loves to spend time with her friends, and like most of us, enjoys watching shows on Netflix. She's obsessed with her dog & loves seeing others out with their pets too! She expressed that she always thinks, "awww" and loves to visit with them too!
To top it all off, Maddie also works part-time at a digital agency and loves that as well! 

Fun Facts
Favorite Food | Ice Cream, Mac + Cheese, & Cinnamon Rolls "but I do love all food!"
Favorite Drink | Lemon Water & Caramel Macchiatos; "I'm addicted to coffee!"
Favorite Holiday | 4th of July & Christmas
Favorite Color | Light Blue
Favorite Movie | Lion King, Blended, & The Choice, "but I have so many!"
Sates Lived in | 5, but Tennessee is by far her favorite
Favorite Quote | "everything happens for a reason"

Before heading off to college next fall, Maddie has decided to adventure through Europe for 2 weeks next summer! She'll be exploring with a school teacher & a few friends where they'll get to see France, Spain, & Italy. She's excited to learn about these other countries & their cultures & feels blessed to be able have this opportunity!

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