Nashville Senior Photographer | Class of 2017 | Leila


I would love to introduce to you, another outstanding senior from The Class of 2017.

Leila is involved in quite a few things both at school & in the community. Let's start with… lacrosse! She is a part of the Cougar Lacrosse Team at Centennial HS & this is her 4th year on the team! Leila enjoys co-leading a club called Crash at her school which is much like a bible study or devotional.

During her free time you can find Leila working at a local boutique. In her words, "my coworkers are amazing, & who doesn't love clothes?" --cant say I disagree with her on that ;)
She also spends some of her free time playing with refugees from Africa & the Middle East that are living in an extended stay here in Nashville. 
Leila "It's so cool to know there are opportunities to serve so close to home".

Leila is involved with a small group at her church that they call a Village! They meet every sunday night to spend time together. She also loves spending time with her friends & boyfriend!

A little about Leila's Props: 
The Cross: Leila has been very involved in church since her sophomore year of high school. The cross you see in some of her images represents her faith. In her words, "My walk with God has taken me to amazing places with amazing people. This is also where the blanket comes in!".
The Blanket: 
The blanket she used in her session is from Nicaragua. She has served on two mission trips to this country & therefore, it holds a huge place in her heart (she absolutely loves the culture and the people). She talked about how inspired she is by the heart & amount of joy that the people of Nicaragua have. She hopes to return again this summer!
The Sunflowers: Sunflowers to Leila represent joy & happiness. Both of these qualities are things she strives to be a source of (let me assure you, that you can totally feel both joy & happiness radiating off of this girl! She immediately makes you feel like you can be yourself & just have fun!)

Leila LOVES writing poetry! How neat that she has had 3 poems "officially" published! Her poems are mostly inspired by nature. If you'd like to follow along with Leila on her poem journey, take a peek at her blog: Sip of Sunshine

Fun Facts:
Favorite Color | Yellow
Favorite Food | Breakfast Food
Favorite Drink | Coffee or Tea
Favorite Holiday | Christmas
Dream School | Vanderbilt University 

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